Consultant and Experts

Network Elites’ IT consulting team works directly with Business leaders and Operational managers with an enterprise to guide the organization towards more modern and comprehensive technology solutions. Our consultants engage with the leaders to articulate mission critical areas and point out the challenges that should be addressed. Through performance evaluation tools, our consultants are able to point out the under- utilized IT assets along with the IT assets that are running at high utilization rate. We will propose recommendations on how to better leverage technology to make your IT assets into value-added tools for your business.

Our niche are is transformation of IT assets into modern infrastructure which is capable to support the modern software-as-a-service applications. An infrastructure that run at optimal performance with assigned IT resources. Cloud based modern IT services are ideal for businesses with growing asset bandwidth demands. With Cloud Infrastructure, If your needs increases, we will simply scale up your cloud capacity with few configuration adjustment. Likewise, if your need is to scale down again, the flexibility is few configuration steps away. Cloud infrastructure does not require us to acquire IT assets, we create an account and start assigning the needed resources for you, thus reducing any waiting time. This rapid deployment is helpful for organizations with immediate need of additional equipment.

Network Elites has provided Dallas IT consulting services for companies of all sizes, from the manufacturing companies, to law offices and small physician practices. Network Elites brings extensive experience and diverse expertise to the table when it comes to your specific issue and requirements. We provide a competitive edge when you are faced with several IT Consulting firms to choose from.

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Virtual CIO

Network Elites’ IT security consultants (vCISO) understand the ever changing landscape that influences the security lifecycle, as well as the necessary approaches to ensure that your security program is comprehensive

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Our staff are trained to work with you and balance best practices along with compliance related requirements. Regulations are designed to most adequately protect your business and data. Our staff can guide you through various regulatory compliance requirements,

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Planning and Design

Network Elites have the expertise to evaluate your network and establish architecture needed to secure your assets and data. Network design focus is security considerations to deter hackers and proactively monitor attacks on the customer network.

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Data Center Transformation

  • Migration to Cloud
  • Consolidation of IT resources
  • Workload alignment
  • Hybrid cloud approach
  • Introduce Multi-Cloud methodology
  • Convert Current IT assets into Converged or Hyperconverged platforms
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Data Platform Modernization

  • Storage infrastructure upgrades and data protection
  • Must have Backup to cloud
  • Modernize your IT operations
  • Implement AI, ML, GPU, and next-generation acceleration
  • Automation and orchestration of your modern IT assets
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Network and Security

  • Confidentiality, Accessibility, and Integrity of enterprise data
  • Identity and access management
  • Compliance, risk, and governance
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud Backups
  • Software-defined data center
Business Consultant

We Deliver

Our consultancy area are IT Infrastructure, Backup, and Disaster Recovery Auditing, Information Systems Planning, Network Infrastructure Architecture, Analysis and Design, Hardware and Software evaluation, Workflow and Business Process Analysis, Equipment and Software Selection and Implementation, Network Planning,  LAN/WAN Design and Implementation, Network Security, Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning, Internet and Web Site Strategy, Web Design, Online marketing; Data, Compute Infrastructure, and platform migration planning; Cloud Strategy and execution for public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, and Hybrid Cloud models; Consolidation, virtualization, and manageability strategies for optimal asset utilization; Enhanced Strategic Vision and technology selection via ROI/TCO analysis, Development and implementation of modern IT process models, Risk-mitigated transition to new IT services, Residency, contract, and permanent staffing to fill key resource gaps.