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As a leading managed services provider, Network Elites offers premium IT outsourcing to companies throughout Texas.  Our outsourcing company understands that many businesses in the area rely on the effectiveness of their technology management to support their daily operations. 

Network Elites’ IT outsourcing services and consulting support aim to make our customers’ lives easier by offering reliable solutions tailored to specific company needs. 

Our outsourcing and support company has over 100 combined years of IT experience and a 96% customer retention rate. We commit to providing superior IT support and outsourcing services to all clients, which is why we maintain a reputation as a reliable managed services provider in the Dallas, Texas, region. 

The Network Elites team of IT consultants and managed services experts have a passion for understanding systems and providing solutions to make them more secure and modern. With our team working with your local company, you can focus on running your enterprise without worrying about your IT needs. No problem is too small or big for our outsourcing company to handle. 

What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is an essential function of a managed services provider like Network Elites. As a managed services provider, we oversee our customers’ IT processes either with an in-house IT team or as an outsourced IT team available upon request. Our outsourcing services allow us to be responsible for a client’s IT infrastructure and provide solutions to improve technology management.  We also offer hosting services. 

Many companies in the Dallas area seek IT outsourcing from a managed services company because they lack the budget to hire an entire in-house IT staff. Money may be a top reason why small- and medium-sized businesses need assistance from an outsourcing company, but companies of all sizes can benefit by outsourcing IT services. 

As an outsourcing company, we have the technical knowledge necessary to identify and address gaps in a company’s IT infrastructure. As a result, we can provide various outsourcing services, including: 

How outsourced IT can help your business

Optimized IT spending

Without an IT manager who understands the company's infrastructure, the business could spend more money on frivolous services and fail to invest in vital resources.

IT compliance

High-quality managed IT services providers know how to navigate regulatory landscapes across multiple industries and understand how regulations can affect your IT infrastructure.

IT best-practices

Working with an IT consulting professional is invaluable to your Dallas, TX, business, no matter your industry. Outsourcing IT managed services helps your own staff to become experts in best practices because we can share valuable information with our clients.

Employee augmentation

By embracing IT outsourcing services, your enterprise will have remote and in-office technical support regardless of internal staff changes and strategic company growth.

Save money

An assumption about working with a managed services provider and outsourcing IT services is that it costs too much money. However, our services can save you money by turning fixed IT costs into variable costs to make your technology resources more cost-effective.

In-house IT management vs. outsourcing

It can be expensive for companies to maintain an in-house IT staff. Having in-house personnel is a luxury for small businesses with a modest budget as well as medium-sized companies without sufficient office space.

However, outsourcing IT services from a managed services provider like our team at Network Elites will cut costs significantly, leaving a surplus that your business can use to expand its enterprise. Working with an outsourcing firm allows you to continue running your Dallas-based business while relinquishing the responsibility for your company’s technology management to Network Elites’ experienced IT specialists.

We comprehend the importance of business processes and provide the support necessary to create and implement viable solutions to close IT gaps. While you’re running your business, our outsourcing consulting experts from Network Elites will manage your system, run assessments, identify weaknesses, and improve the infrastructure using the latest technological developments. 

Working with our Dallas, TX-based managed services provider, you can be sure that your business will have fewer vulnerabilities. Depending upon an outsourced services team is better for many companies than hiring an employee team. Here is a deeper look into some of the benefits of IT outsourcing. 

When outsourcing your IT to Network Elites, our Dallas, Texas-based managed services provider, you have no obligation to participate in all professional outsourcing services available. At Network Elites, we offer various outsourcing services for you to request and choose from because we modify our solutions to the specific needs of the various companies we serve throughout the Greater Dallas area. 

Whether you need a consultation about data protections or technology management evaluations, you can work with our Network Elites team to handle specific roles and actions without incurring a high overhead. Outsourcing IT network support means that your business will have access to professional IT specialists with a broad range of skills, from help desk support to account management, without having to hire us as employees with full-time salaries and benefits packages. 

Hiring new personnel is seldom easy, especially for in-house technology management. IT personnel need to handle a lot of data, including sensitive client information, so filling the team with the right people is crucial for your business. If someone is dishonest on their resume or does not fit the business’s culture, the new hire could be a risk to business processes. 

One of the best solutions an enterprise could make before hiring in-house IT personnel is outsourcing IT network support with a managed services provider. You can verify vital data about the outsourcing service such as: 

  • Customer retention rates 
  • Customer reviews 
  • Pricing 
  • Technologies, tools, and processes 
  • Client history

    With IT outsourcing from Network Elites in Dallas, TX, you can be confident knowing that your outsourced IT network support personnel will be an asset, not a liability. 

Managed services providers use many services and apply multiple skills to IT outsourcing and support. Those skills and services are highly beneficial to clients, who require considerable IT skills to manage their enterprises. 

Hiring individuals with sufficiently broad skills and expertise can take a lot of time and resources. Salaries and benefits are high, and since these candidates are in such demand, you may experience significant employee turnover. As an outsourcing company, you only need to pay contract prices for services for the experts with the skills you need for only as long as you need them. 

Since IT outsourcing services include professionals with varied skill sets, working with a managed services provider means you will have access to all of the vital skills your Dallas, TX, business needs. As managed services providers, we tailor our IT outsourcing services to each client’s technology demands. Services often include: 

  • IT compliance and governance 
  • Help desk support 
  • Focused IT projects 
  • Cloud management and support 
  • Network Security 

Running a Dallas-based business using technology is not without its drawbacks. Risks like malware, data breaches, and data losses are common because cybercriminals are as sophisticated as the latest technologies. However, outsourcing your IT to us at Network Elites means that your systems will have 24/7 monitoring to uncover vulnerabilities and suspicious activities. We also provide hosting services to protect you even further. 

Even when outsourcing IT network support, cyberattacks and data losses can still occur. Hosting services, Cloud servers, physical servers, and networks may have an exploitable flaw that results in data loss. Problems could also occur due to natural causes like a fire or flood. 

Working with an IT outsourcing company in the Dallas area makes it easier to recover in a worst-case situation. At Network Elites, our IT network support team strives to find problems in real-time and takes precautions like backing up essential data to make sure the system can quickly get back up and running if it goes down. 

Finding business solutions in-house is not always practical. Managers may focus more on goals without considering technical operations, which means that in-house solutions may not be as effective as expected. 

Outsourcing your IT needs allows us, as the managed services provider, to engage with you and your company to see your entire enterprise objectively. There is always room for improvement, and our managed services team will focus on finding the best solutions to develop more efficient business processes for you and your systems. 

Enhanced processes due to outsourced technical support often translate to better IT strategies, greater productivity, and less overhead. By embracing solutions from managed services, your in-house team can focus on more critical, profitable tasks. 

Many companies in Dallas, TX, spend a lot of money on IT, including in-house servers, laptops, and software. Technology is constantly improving, so businesses sometimes exceed their budgets to integrate new systems and resources or end up using outdated equipment due to financial constraints. 

Outsourcing your IT network support in Dallas, TX, is a cost-effective way to fulfill your IT needs. Your business or organization can access vital technical equipment by leveraging partnerships and support from us, as the managed services provider, and other IT vendors. We can direct you to more financially effective ways to fund and access the technologies you need. 

At Network Elite, we stay on top of the latest technological advancements and use our knowledge to create IT solutions for your organization or advise you on the best way to upgrade your equipment without exceeding your budget. 

What to consider when outsourcing IT

Not every managed services provider will provide the same level of support and care when handling their clients’ IT infrastructures as we do at Network Elites. Be sure to work with an MSP team that will exceed your IT network support expectations and help your business improve its processes, reduce overhead, and secure data. 

Before seeking an IT outsourcing service, consider these factors about your business: 


Businesses generally outsource IT managed services to access a pool of skilled IT network experts who undergo frequent training on the latest technological advancements across multiple industries. The firm you hire should have certified professionals with the proper skills to manage your IT equipment and applications. 

Regulatory compliance

An outsourced team will have access to critical client data, so the team needs to have proper accreditation certificates to address network security concerns. To protect your data and reduce your potential downtime, IT disaster recovery services are a must when outsourcing IT services. 


Even if your business has an in-house technical support team, they may not be available every day, which increases the risk of overlooking technical flaws. Any IT outsourcing company you hire should provide 24/7 system monitoring to identify and address security threats or concerns at any time. 

Fast responses & 99% uptime rating

At Network Elites, we understand how stressful it can be to hire a third-party service to manage your IT network. That is why our firm always provides clear definitions of the services we offer and what we can do to support your IT needs. Our goal is to implement services that reduce or eliminate infrastructure issues and be available to handle your company’s needs. 

Network Elites has a five-minute response time average and boasts a 99% uptime rating. With our team supporting your Dallas-based enterprise and managing your technology infrastructure, you will have the tools you need to grow. We offer prompt, reliable, and professional services to customers so that you won’t have to navigate a complex IT infrastructure alone. 

Compliance consulting

We provide consulting services for many industries. Our consulting teams understand each industry’s technology compliance concerns. Our Network Elites consulting team provides strategic guidance to make sure our clients fulfill all compliance mandates and regulations for their industries. 

As a consulting client from our support company, Network Elites can help you comply with many technology regulations, including: 

  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA): We can help your business comply with FISMA standards and pass audits. 
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-171: We know NIST regulations and can help your Dallas, Texas, business maintain confidentiality on sensitive data and controlled unclassified information. 
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): Our consulting professionals can assess your systems to ensure that your enterprise follows HIPAA regulations to protect patient rights and confidentiality under a signed Business Associate Addendum. 
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS): Our consulting experts can perform an audit to advise your enterprise on ways to achieve compliance and protect sensitive customer data. 

Technology architecture planning and design consullting

As an IT network support firm, Network Elites provides superior network planning and design services. We serve as digital architects to help our clients develop intelligent, integrative networks with modernized features and assets. Some of our services include but are not limited to: 

Our consulting team operates within a robust portfolio of planning and design services to improve technology management. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that the business’s IT aligns with its objectives without losing the flexibility necessary to scale the business up or down as needed. We have the skills to access your support proposed solutions, integrate new IT assets, and keep all network devices, servers, and software secure and reliable. 

Data center transformation and modernization consulting

As an IT network support firm, Network Elites provides superior network planning and design services. We serve as digital architects to help our clients develop intelligent, integrative networks with modernized features and assets. Some of our services include but are not limited to: 

Our consulting team operates within a robust portfolio of planning and design services to improve technology management. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that the business’s IT aligns with its objectives without losing the flexibility necessary to scale the business up or down as needed. We have the skills to access your support proposed solutions, integrate new IT assets, and keep all network devices, servers, and software secure and reliable. 

Network and security consulting

As network and security consultants, our support professionals will help you learn how to protect sensitive data. Your business in Dallas, TX, will assist your company’s professional management team in developing practical strategies for system protection against potential cyber threats. 

We proudly work with several security solution partners with a wide range of IT security services and provide IT outsourcing in Dallas. On our end, our consulting team will assist with: 

Find out how we can accommodate your needs

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Network Elites to find out how our managed service provider and IT professionals outsourcing services might fill your company’s needs on either a temporary or long-term basis. Call us at (972) 235-3114 or (214) 247-6962 today for an initial consultation.