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We work systematically with you to understand your network goals and business objectives and meet them within your budget. Our sole focus is the IT network, we design, deploy, integrate, operate, and maintain your IT network, so you as a business owner can focus on growing your business. Our experts and customer success managers work with you on daily basis to ensure that your future technological issues are dealt with in real-time, we are proactively addressing your needs of the future. Based on your business need and plans we can build technology roadmaps and advise you to a more economical and agile route in expanding your IT network.

Our managed IT services are designed to dramatically reduce IT problems within your infrastructure while maximizing your network performance, reliability, and stability. We integrate security solutions within our managed services offering, these solutions are designed to identify any threats within the network and are capable of auto-remediating issues.  We proactively monitor your network to prevent minor issues from escalating into downtime, loss of data, an interception in your operations, and financial loss due to lost productivity.

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End Point Maintenance

  • Remote monitoring  all End Points
  • Network Management Switches, Firewalls
  • Backup Local and Cloud based
  • Monitoring Alerts and remediation
  • Event Monitoring for Servers
  • Domain Account Administration
  • Server Optimization
  • ISP Monitoring and Alerting
  • Rights Management
IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Patching Approach

  • Automated Patching for all end points
  • Customized policy based Patching
  • 14 days Older Patches are approved
  • Screen patches based on functionality
  • Frequent patches for laptops and Desktops
  • Managed patching for Servers when restarts required
  • AV provided for all end points
  • AI based AV and threat prevention – optional
IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Network Management

  • Network Management and traffic monitoring
  • Monitor Alerts and remediation of network issue
  • VPN Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Network Optimization – No Single Point of Failure
  • IDS and IPS monitoring and remediation
  • Business Continuity
  • RTO and RPO
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Help Desk Mission

  • Track, Prioritize, and resolve tickets
  • Help Engineer answers your call 24X7
  • Reset passwords
  • Install Device Drivers
  • Provide Tier-1 support on your applications
  • Install Printers, scanner or other peripherals
  • VoIP Phone Support
  • Open and resolving tickets
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Security Services

  • Several tiered solutions based on your budget
  • Detect, Prevent, and Hunting mode security solution
  • AI based custom remediation
  • Most common threats are remediated automatically
  • Proven Ransomware prevention
  • End Point Protection
  • Monitor and Remediate threats for basic security
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Microsoft 365

  • Migration from Exchange to Microsoft 365
  • Migration from hosted exchange to Microsoft 365
  • License Management
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Access to Microsoft Premium Support
  • Level 1 support for your Microsoft 365 licenses
  • Account Management – add, modify, delete

You Request We promise, We deliver 

Yes, we deliver based on your needs and requirements. Network Elites will keep your daily operations running smoothly. Our team will engage with you to ensure that infrastructure is up and running, the network is performing to its best capabilities, and the issues are resolved proactively. The integrated security solution, where we deploy several security agents at every possible network element ensures that internal and external threats are averted and the threats become non-consequential to the network.

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Remote and Onsite IT Support

We provide remote as well as onsite support for the difficult-to-handle issue. When your computer doesn’t power up and you can’t get pass the vendor logo. Rest assured our technician will be there to assist you

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Dedicated Advisory Support Team

We provide experts in network infrastructure planning and address your ad-hoc or strategic needs through cutting-edge technologies. Our recommendations are based on your budget and time frame to have your infrastructure operational.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Trusted IT Consultants

Our customer success managers engage with you to understand your business requirements for your network infrastructure. Our support team is committed to your success with future-proof solutions with an emphasis on security.

White-Glove on-boarding

Accepting the third party to manage your IT network is a stressful event. You as a business owner worries about the operational impact, while employees are always reluctant to change. Change is hard for a lot of people, so we try to make the onboarding process easy and transparent to the users.  Network Assessment tools guide us to the area that requires special attention, we deploy silent agents to all machines in the network and ensure that the machines are visible at our control center. Once all monitoring agents and security software have been installed to all machines and you are ready to turn it over to us. Network Elites operates, maintains, and supports the network for you.

Here are the steps we execute

Client Contact – Services including Email, Phone numbers, and Ticketing access is given to the client for all support issue reporting
Help Desk Initialization – we deploy Internal team awareness training of new client people, assets, and procedures
Assignment and Escalation – we prioritize to Review the criticality of device and function for internal support routing.
Client Systems – Client systems are loaded into Remote monitoring and management systems.
NOC Awareness – 24x7x365 Network Operations and Security Center awareness of assets and upkeep

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Pre-Transition Check

Once we reach an agreement on managed services, our team performs a network scan to identify the security risks and other hard to find issues within the network. This allows our team to remediate the issues with the team and start operating and maintaining the network.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Cut Over

Once we have remediated the issues identified, our team starts to install agents at the various levels to ensure that your network is protected from the internal and external threats. Our team ensures that all machines in your network are visible to our NOC, it is time to cut over.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Monitoring and Operational

After the cutover, our team takes care of maintaining and operating the network on daily basis. We use a three-tier backup strategy, which creates a backup at the site (closer to the server), an off-site backup, and another backup in the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a small internal IT group, can we still get managed IT services?

Managed IT Services are always add-on to your organization. This means that the group of people responsible for IT can work with us directly to support the infrastructure, or you can reassign them to other duties. In most cases, such a group becomes a liaison between the company and MSP.

What is integrated Security services?

As the IT Security threats have increased in the past few years, Network Elites has decided to offer various Anti-Virus, malware, ransomware presentation packages as part of our managed services. These licenses are free for customer when they subscribe to managed services

What does the security software do?

There are several IT security tools in our portfolio. Our signature offering is a single tool that monitors every component within the network and reports of threats based on users, files, network, and hosts. The tool AI based and is capable to remediate threats on its own.

If I have all my infrastructure in my data center, why would I need Cloud services

If you are happy with physical hardware in the data center, there is no need for Cloud services. But for discussion purposes, tomorrow you acquire a high-value customer that requires a rapid install of several servers and machines, and you need to deliver the project within three months. It is possible that you might not need the equipment when the project is completed. Based on these circumstances, we as trusted partner will guide you to Cloud services and address your infrastructure needs within hours.

You stated that you are a Microsoft Gold partner, what does that mean?

Network Elites invest to train their resources and obtain certifications that qualify us to become Microsoft Partners at a GOLD level. We can various Microsoft products and support then customer directly.

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